Why a separation walls project now?

25 years after the physical Berlin Wall came down and ended the “Mauerkrankheit”, 41 separation walls are still dividing entire populations. By diminishing dialogue perspectives, they are increasing assumptions towards each of the concerned communities. As the Canadian writer Marcello di Cintio mentionned in his book, these concrete structures serve to feed racism by making it almost impossible to engage with anyone but your own community. These structures create two sides and insist on you taking one (« Walls – Travels along the barricades », 2012).

Why these 2 walls?

Starting on November 9, 2014, the exact date of the anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, we will focus on 2 border walls over 2 months:

01. The US/Mexico Wall
02. The wall between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta

These 2 walls separate the North from the South. Let’s connect them to discover their differences, their similarities, and start a dialogue between them

Social media VS Walls

Social media helped us redefine the idea of community by opening virtual spaces made up of knowledge sharing, exchanges, debates, meetings and mobilization. In other words, we think webusers can actually use social media and interactive tools to maintain a dialogue, and overcome prejudices and fears increased by the walls surrounding them. In the frame of the «Connected Walls» project, the webuser, usually passive in front of linear information, becomes an active citizen, invited to give his point of view on the consequences of those separations, with a real impact on the reality.

2 Walls, 2 Film Crews and you!
Bring your voice into the dialogue.. and break these walls!

Short Documentaries

Every ten days, 2 film crews, each composed by 2 local directors living on each side of these walls, will have to communicate together despite these physical and cultural borders, in order to take up a challenge: co-direct short documentaries, about topics imposed on them by webusers. Part diary, part independent documentaries, those short stories will be daily testimonies about their walls. In order to answer that question: what are the similarities and differences of these walls and their consequences on human’s relationships?

What about me?

Different tools provided on the interactive platform give you a chance to be part of the dialogue: decide what you want to talk about! Every ten days, choose one of the 12 topics on the main page. The most chosen one will be imposed on the 2 film crews. Your action shapes the plotline of their next stories!
Give your opinion! Once the videos appear on the platform, share your point of view in the blog provided below the videos, and be in touch with the directors!

Break The Wall!

The "break the wall" page is composed of 1000 virtual bricks. The idea is quite simple: if we break them all before the end of the project, the page will then be printed (3x9 meters), and displayed along these 2 walls.

How can I break a brick?

Meet someone on the other side of your wall. Based on the country where you live, and the results of a common "wall quiz", find out who you match with behind your wall! Engage in the discussion and prove your ability to overcome the institutionalized fear brought by the physical, cultural or social wall that exists between you and the other person! Feel connected. Connected Walls.